Wednesday, 10th November, 2021
Morning verse : Acts 12:5-16

Criminals have been known in history to have attempted jail break and free themselves. Some were successful and some were nabbed. The devil is restless. He does not want any child of God to prosper and display God's praise. Hence, he does everything he can to shut them up in the prison of ill-health, poverty, marital troubles and all manner of difficulties. Not only that, he chains them down so that there will be no way of escape. This was Peter's experience in our text this morning. He was bound physically in chains in Herod's prison, guarded by sixteen soldiers. Absolutely there was no way of escape. He was kept in prison in anticipation of his execution as it was done to James. That was not going to happen. The Church rose and prayed and the prison gates were opened. Prayers open prison gates. In whatever kind of incarceration we find ourselves, prayers break jail. In the case of Peter, angels did it. In the case of Paul, it was an earthquake (Acts 16:25). Today, may there be a sudden break of chains and opening of iron gates that have been fashioned against us in Jesus' Name. Switch to prayer mode and get released.

Evening verse : Psalm 107:10-16

In the morning, we saw Peter in prison for unjust reasons and the Lord delivered him as the Church earnestly demanded for his release. This evening, we see a set of people justifiably imprisoned because they rebelled against the Word of God and despised the counsel of the Most High. They cried in repentance, prayed and were saved. The Lord heard their cry and broke their chains and the prison gates of bronze and iron. Departure from God's ideals will imprison one's mind and body. True repentance however will deliver and release such person from prison. Let us break the prison gates and free ourselves.

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