Saturday, 13th November, 2021
Morning verse : Colossians 4:7-14

Good morning. Happy weekend! The weekend is a good time to socialise. It is good for our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing when involved with the right people. This morning, the search light is beamed on our association and the associates we fraternise with. The social media has made it quite easy to relate these days. This, however, has a way of shaping our lives. To a large extent, the company we keep defines us. Who are the “fellows” you company with? A company of drunkards will trade in alcohol, same for womanisers and adulteresses. Can we review the fellows we hobnob with and make an informed decision about them today? Apostle Paul had a retinue of fellows he designated as fellow workers for the Kingdom of God, fellow servants in the Lord and fellow prisoners for Christ. These beloved friends were described as faithful and zealous labourers who had full knowledge and understanding of Paul's mission and could represent him anywhere. Paul said they had been a source of comfort to him. Can you say the same about your close associates? Are you provoked unto righteousness by your friends or unto obscenity and sinful lifestyles? If your friends do not possess the character traits of Apostle Paul's companions, then keep a distance. Whoever will not point you in the direction of Christ and His Cross points in the direction of Satan and his curse. There is no neutral zone.

Evening verse : 1 Kings 22:48-50

Good evening. Trust you spent your day meaningfully with the right people. Still on the matter of companionship, we are looking at the example of a king in the Bible this evening. Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah had learnt his lessons in a hard way. These lessons must have informed his decision to decline the offer of help from Ahaziah, the king of Israel, in our text tonight. These lessons were learnt at a time when Jehoshaphat companied with Ahab, Ahaziah's late father, a cursed enemy of God. This association nearly caused him his life. With Ahaziah however, Jehoshaphat was wise enough to prevent history from repeating itself hence his decline of the offer of fellowship and help from Ahab's son. Whoever associates with the cursed stands the risk of partaking in his curse! Do you know your friends? Are they redeemed from the curse of the first Adam? Remember, a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

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