Friday, 5th November, 2021
Morning verse : Luke 15: 11-20

The common prayer rendition talked about yesterday goes on to say that the love of God should be with us. What is God's love? It is His person. God is love and love is God. There are all kinds of love, but there are no two kinds of God's love. That was the love that made Him give His only begotten Son to die for us to qualify us for sonship when we were ungodly and enemies of God. Within the ambit of this love we are all we can ever become. In the love lies our promotion, peace, joy and finest hours on earth. We as believers must enjoy the love of God maximally. But we may deny ourselves of these love benefits if we draw away from it. God does not force His love on people. He opens it up for embrace by anyone. In our text this morning, the prodigal son drew away from his father's love and not only that, sin pinned him down so that he remained far away from the father's love. The consequences were grave. He indeed suffered for his folly. Respite came however when he came to himself, arose and went back to his father to find out that his father's arms were waiting for his embrace. Child of God our Father's loving arms are always wide open waiting for our embrace. When we transgress, let us simply rise in repentance and restore relationship with the Father's love.

Evening verse : Genesis 25:24-28

Isaac and Rebecca loved their preferences (Esau for Isaac and Jacob for Rebecca) for selfish reasons. This almost ruined their home. Man, most times, love for reasons that suit their interests and when those interests are no longer taken care of, they withdraw their love. Betrayal ensues and so goes the saying 'there are no permanent friends but permanent interest'. God's love is above all these. It does not attach conditions to be activated. It searches for the unlovable and grants them space in the Father's heart. What love! That love waits for our embrace again tonight. Let us reach out and embrace Him in worship and praise.

" To Study Through The Bible This Year, Study Today Ezekiel 4 - 7 "