Thursday, 11th November, 2021
Morning verse : 1 Corinthians 9:19-27

The joy of all competitors is to win laurels especially when the prize money is stupendous. Believers in Christ are in a race and in anticipation of obtaining a prize at the finish line. In this race, believers do not compete with one another. Rather each athlete keeps to his track and endures till he reaches the finish line. This race, which starts at the point of being saved, runs through a course set for the individual racer. He or she must however run according to the rules and must get to the finish line to qualify for a prize. Like any athlete a believer must be disciplined in all things including feeding, trainings, seclusion for proper focus etc. Paul said in this morning's text that striving for mastery entails being temperate in all things, focused and keeping oneself under subjection. Let us run with patience our own race, focusing on God's Word which produces faith that works by love, and enduring till the end. We need the discipline of the mind to accomplish and win the prize. Confession: - I run my race by the grace of Christ Jesus and as a disciplined athlete I focus on Christ who is the author and finisher of my faith.

Evening verse : Numbers 32:6-13

For the Israelites, the race from Egypt to the Promised Land was meant to be run to the end until the land was inherited. Three tribes were settled before the crossing of river Jordan and saw no need to continue the journey beyond Jordan with the other tribes who were yet to be settled. Child of God, do not stop until you have breasted the tape at the finish line. The three tribes were rebuked by Moses for taking that stance. Until God says it is over, never stop running to obtain. Let us reach out for the blessings waiting for us at the end of the race.

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