Sunday, 14th November, 2021
Morning verse : Colossians 1:12-20

Good morning! Happy Sunday! The life of a man is in the blood. Life is denominated by blood. Excessive blood loss ultimately leads to death. This was what Jesus went through on the Cross. He gave His life through the shedding of His blood to save humanity. Our text this morning opens our eyes to the great work the blood accomplishes. We will do ourselves a lot of good if we behold this blood. In beholding, we are appropriating what the blood has come to accomplish including redemption, forgiveness of sin (v14) and peace which surpasses human understanding (v20). The blood washes away the principal sin inherited from Adam, bringing redemption to the recipient. After redemption, infractions may occur once a while but the blood is always available to cleanse us from our sins whenever we fall into one so that we always appear blemish-free before our God. The blood establishes peace which surpasses all understanding. We claim this morning a washing by the blood and institution of all-round peace and prosperity.

Evening verse : Numbers 21:4-9

Humanity was bitten by the fiery old serpent called Satan which poured the venom of sin into man, leading to death (for the wages of sin is death) manifesting as separation from God, nature and man himself. Man's deliverance from the venom of Satan is by beholding Christ's finished work on the Cross sealed by His blood. Like the serpent-bitten Israelites received their healing by beholding the bronze serpent Moses was commanded to hang on a tree, so should we behold Jesus, the Lamb of God and experience sin-flushing in our lives by the blood. Not only that, the consequences of sin (stigma, failing and negativity) are abolished. Let us behold the blood tonight and enforce our victory by it.

" To Study Through The Bible This Year, Study Today Ezekiel 35 - 38 "