Monday, 8th November, 2021
Morning verse : Matthew 21:23-32

This morning, we look at choices and we see how Christ portrayed this in His parable in our text. Two brothers of the same father reacted differently to the request of their father through choices. The first said yes to his father's demand to work on the farm but changed his mind after leaving his father's presence. The second brother, when asked for the same obligation, put up a rebellious stance but later had a change of mind after leaving his father's presence. One thing is common to both, they changed their minds. We were not told what led to the review of their choices but something must have. This morning, can we allow God's Word to effect a change of mind over certain issues we have been battling with? Can we allow God's Word to prevail over the choices we make so that eventually they will be choices that will please the Lord and not the ones that will hurt Him? We may need a change of mind over the fellow we have determined never to speak with again. It is unforgiveness which dries the bones. Let us make informed decisions on preferences like this and allow God to have His way.

Evening verse : 1 Kings 21:25-28

Penitence made God to revisit His judgment against Ahab. God had slammed the sledge hammer on him because of his atrocities and that of his wife, but a demonstration of humility, soberness and fear of God lifted the judgment from his head. Isn't it amazing to see God respond to the humility of the wicked? If only we will cease being obstinate and full of our own ways but obey the voice of the Lord and please Him all the way then will we be blessed beyond imagination. Let us identify that area of life where we struggle with doing things in God's way and submit to obedience.

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