Monday, 15th November, 2021
Morning verse : John 16:5-15

Life is a journey that begins at conception, progresses to birth and terminates at death. Success story in this journey is predicated on how well certain questions are addressed. First among the questions we will be considering is: “Who is with you on this journey”? Jesus provides an answer in this morning's text. He names the Holy Spirit as the success companion we need for our life's journey. According to Jesus (v13) He will guide you into all truth and show you things to come. By that He meant that the Holy Spirit will see to your success in the now and provide you with the strategies for future successes. Having been informed by Jesus that He was leaving them for a while, the disciples became sad and could not see a future without Jesus. Their fear was subsequently allayed by Jesus who told them that they were safe in the hands of the Holy Spirit. Child of God you are safe in the hands of the Holy Spirit. Why don't you entrust your all unto Him. You will not be disappointed. He is within you if you are born-again. All you need to do is to simply ask Him to take over your affairs and direct your paths. Then, allow Him to do exactly that. He knows the truth that will set you free. He knows the truth that will chart a good course for you that will lead to success in life. Travel on life's journey with the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to take decisions for you. He is never wrong.

Evening verse : Judges 4:4-9

It mattered to Barak that an anointed Prophetess (God's representative) accompanied him to the battle front as he did not see any success without her presence. Not only did he receive assurance of God's presence, he also had the privilege of knowing the outcome before the start of the journey. Deborah guided him on the way to success and showed him the events that will eventually lead to victory. This sounds familiar. The Holy Spirit, as we saw in the morning, guides and shows us things to come. Go on life's journey with Him and make a success of it.

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