Wednesday, 17th November, 2021
Morning verse : Hebrews 4:9-16

Good morning! Welcome to a bright new day filled with His grace. Taking a cursory look at grace, one can best describe it with the imagery of a roller coaster that aids the attainment of a height which one cannot possibly get to by physical strength. God intends that His children should attain significant heights in spiritual and physical matters through the supply of His grace. Grace enables and empowers. Grace is the uncommon favour extended to us by God. God dispenses His grace to us as we seek Him at the throne room. The sixteenth verse of our text this morning tells us that. Earlier verses reveal the assurance of rest for God's people, the believers in Christ, but this sixteenth verse tells us how we can access it; it is by grace. Help for the time of need which ultimately translates to rest is found by grace. As believers in Christ, let us seek grace for help in the time of need. Grace is ever available. Search, find and utilise for your joy and gladness.

Evening verse : Jeremiah 33:1-3

It is interesting to know this evening that Prophet Jeremiah was in prison when the Word of God came to him. God's Word cannot be caged. God's grace cannot be incarcerated. Even in the prison, grace was still speaking. Hallelujah! And what did grace say through the mouth of God's servant? It says there are great and unsearchable things which God has prepared for His children and are waiting to manifest through them. Grace is what will make this happen. To receive this grace we must step up in seeking God and obeying Him. As we do so, dead things will come back to life, things about to die will receive strength to live and whatever is doing well will receive strength to do better still. Let grace make it happen for you.

" To Study Through The Bible This Year, Study Today Romans 1 - 3 "